Pure Louis XIII FEM (NEW)

Lineage: (Louis XIII clone x Louis XIII clone)

Seeds Per Pack: Atleast 5

Sex: Female

Yield: Good

Flower Time: 8 - 10 weeks

Pure Louis XIII FEM

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  • Pure Louis XIII FEM
    Last year at the beginning of 2020 we released our first Louis hybrid called Lucky Louis XIII. It was The Louis XIII clone pollinated by our LVTK OG keeper cut. The Louis clone is personally a Top 5 Favorite of mine, ranking somewhere between The Ghost OG clone and SFV OG clone. It's Elite. So it was an easy decision to kick off CannaVenture Seeds first drop of 2021, by releasing The Louis XIII clone in Pure seed form.
    Pure Louis XIII FEM grows like a typical OG, with a plant structure similar to SFV and flowers more resembling Ghost OG. It's a perfect balance and easier to cultivate than long stretching, spindly type OG's.
    Pure Louis XIII FEM is a Good yielding line that produces dense, light green OG nugs, thick orange hairs with really good trichome coverage. Loud, Sweet & Sour, Lemony tasting flowers, that finish in about 63 to 70 Days depending on personal preference for trichome ripeness.
    OG dominant lines aren't always the easiest varieties for newer growers but for experienced cultivators, it's a Must Grow. Guaranteed to find a Legit Lifetime Keeper in a single pack of seeds.