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Pure Irene FEM

Lineage: (Irene OG clone x Irene OG clone)

Seeds Per Pack: Atleast 5

Sex: Female

Yield: Good

Flower Time: 8 - 10 weeks

Pure Irene FEM

    (Irene Kush clone x Irene Kush clone)
    (5 Seeds / pack)

    The most requested Fem line of the last few years is finally back in stock. The Irene clone only was founded in Georgia, around Atlanta supposedly. It’s been around for a while but its not passed around much at all. This is a cut that I was stoked to get, and after flowering it out, without a doubt, she definitely stands up to the hype. Its one of my top 5 favorite cuts. So that’s where The Pure Irene Fem comes into play, We reversed the Irene clone only back to herself to replicate the exact clone in seed form and it was successful. Pure Irene Fem has a very unique flower structure just like the clone only. Nice open plant structure with good yields done in 9 to 10 weeks. The best part of Pure Irene is the super loud terps, alot of strains/hybrids smell like pine trees but none like Pure Irene, Its a Sour Pine OG stinch and its LOUD! The smell and taste is what puts it over the top, Its special. Easily some of the nicest gear I’ve ever released. For this limited run, we only made about 100 or so packs, so grab it if you want it.

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