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Pure Arcata TraiunWreck FEM

(Photo Credit to  IG@dk.warren)

Lineage: (Arcata TrainWreck clone x Arcata TrainWreck clone)

Seeds Per Pack: Atleast 5

Sex: Female

Yield: Good to Great

Flower Time: 10 weeks

Pure Arcata TrainWreck FEM

$100.00 Regular Price
$87.00Sale Price
  • The Legendary Arcata TrainWreck clone only. I Love this clone and i've done a lot of work over the years with these genetics. My first experience with Trainwreck was H3ADS Arcata TrainWreck BX2. I used a male from that line with The GSC clone to create Cookie Wreck. Since then, I've acquired the Arcata TrainWreck clone only and I know it very well.

    The Arcata clone only is the most dominant genetics i've ever worked with in my life. Once you breed Arcata TW into a line, its almost impossible to breed it out. You can see those traits down the line, even when out crossing multiple generations away from TW.

    The dominance of these genetics worked in our favor with this line. Pure Arcata TW FEM is a 100% duplicate of the clone only in seed form. Identical in every way. Resulting in big yielding, sativa dominant plants. The stretch is about 3 x from the veg stage, but still easy to grow. You will find one main pheno in these seeds. Its stable. Flowers in about 10 weeks. Super potent flowers with a loud lime, body odor type funk smelling terpenes with a slight amount of menthol added in.

     This seed line has been in the works for a couple years now and we are stoked to finally be releasing it to the public. You will absolutely find a legit lifetime keeper in every pack. Easily. Everyone should run real TrainWreck genetics at least once.  Most growers will never get the chance to run the clone only but now everyone has access to that clone in Pure seed form. It's a legend for good reason. It's special.


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