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Las Vegas Triangle Kush Feminized

Lineage: (Las Vegas Lemon Skunk clone x Triangle Kush clone)

Seeds Per Pack : No less than 5

Sex: Female

Yield: Huge

Flower Time: 58 to 64 Days

(Photo Credit 1st pic: Slow Drawl)

(Photo Credit 2nd pic: BigJon)

Las Vegas Triangle Kush Feminized (LVTK)

$100.00 Regular Price
$87.00Sale Price
  • A few years ago we made LVTK and gave them out as freebie seeds. My good friend 303skywalker and the Igadi dispensary located in Tabernash Colorado gave me an LVTK cut they found from those freebie seeds. That cut is the single reason I decided to release the LVTK line in femenized seed form. That cut is the single best plant I've ever grown.

    LVTK FEM is super easy to grow and most growers will be able to dial in with the very first run. Great plant structure for light penetration, with a flowering period of 9 weeks and good yields of potent meds at 27 percent thc. LVTK is also an amazing line for concentrates. The flowers are dense and literally greasey with resin. Even the fan leaves are covered with trichs. The terpene profile is LOUD, ranging from straight up Triangle Kush terps to a burnt rubber nose. The best trait of LVTK might be the leaf to flower ratio, very easy to trim. The trich coverage makes the bag appeal a perfect 10 and some of the frostiest gear Ive seen.

    In short, Las Vegas Triangle Kush FEM is a Las Vegas Lemon Skunk structured plant with Triangle Kush flowers. The perfect plant in every way, indoor or out, and the reason it's a true "Holy Grail" line.



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