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        Feminized Bundle Pack

Lineage: Anything You Want!

Seeds Per Pack: Atleast 6 (3 seeds each of any 2 strains)

Sex: Female

Yield: N/A

Flower Time: 8-11 weeks

FEM Bundle Pack

SKU: 0998FemBP
$100.00 Regular Price
$87.00Sale Price
  • We've had a lot of customers requesting Bundle Packs over the years, and we are finally listening. It is a great idea and will be a great option for folks with limited space and plant counts. So here it is.

    Choose any 2 strains you want. You will receive 3 seeds of each strain you pick, for a total of atleast 6 FEM seeds. Both strains will come seperated in there own baggies.  On the checkout page, there is a "Comments" box. Just write in that box which 2 strains you want. If you forget to do this you can simply email me the 2 strains after your order is in.  Either way works fine.

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