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Cookie Wreck Regular

(Restocked After Being Sold Out for Years)

Lineage: (GSC Forum Cut x Arcata TrainWreck BXII (H3ADS Gear)

Seeds Per Pack : ATLEAST 10

Sex: Regular (Female/Male)

Yield: Good

Flower Time: 60 to 68 Days

Cookie Wreck Regular

  • Since CannaVenture Seeds released Cookie Wreck about 7-8 years ago , and after selling Thousands of packs, Cookie Wreck still remains one of our more popular lines. A lot of testing went into making Cookie Wreck. The results speak for themselves . To achieve those results, We used The Girl Scout Cookies - "Forum Cut" and an Arcata TrainWreck BXII male from H3ADS Gear. The Cookie Wreck REG line has 3 main phenotypes, all 3 are "Keepers" depending on personal preference. There's a large yielding, sativa dominate TrainWreck pheno and a good yielding, 8-9 week flowering, GSC dominate pheno. The third main phenotype is a perfect hybrid mix of both Elite parents. All three phenos are easy to cultivate and display beautiful colors, ranging from a dark red / maroon  to different shades of purple and lavender, covered in a thick layer of thrichomes. The finished product has "Bag Appeal" for days. Test results will vary depending on the pheno but Cookie Wreck has a THC % of 18 to 25, while some plants will exhibit high CBD percentages, with one pheno showing off a 50/50 THC to CBD ratio, testing at 14% THC and  12% CBD. After all these years, I continue to have people tell me, they still rock a Cookie Wreck cut, they found in the very first Cookie Wreck drop. Amazing genetics, but don't take it from me, do some research online. You'll be happy you did .

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