(NEW) Black Raspberry Kush Feminized

Lineage: (Blackberry Kush clone x Raspberry Kush clone)

Seeds Per Pack : No less than 5

Sex: Female

Yield: Average to Good

Flower Time: 50 to 60 Days

Black Raspberry Kush FEM

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  • Black Raspberry Kush FEM
    (BlackBerry Kush clone x Raspberry Kush clone)
    BlackBerry Kush clone is another cut I've been working with for close to 10 years. Without a doubt, one of the prettiest clones in the world. Black Raspberry Kush FEM has been in the works for about 3 plus years now. I made the first batch for friends and personal stock. Herby Grower was the main catalyst for releasing this line to the public. He fell in love with this gear for it's high terpene percentages and it's super fast flowering times at 7 to 8 weeks. There is a legit 7 week pheno, quick without sacrificing yield.
    Most Black Raspberry Kush FEM phenos will have varying color from light violet to dark purple to a deep red color. Good yields with moderate potency around 20 percent THC. Which, all things considered is pretty good for a purple line. Out of this entire drop, Black Raspberry Kush FEM plants were the prettiest plants in the rooms. Amazing wide open plant structure that is a direct trait from the BlackBerry Kush clone. Sweet Raspberry / berry terps are dominant throughout this line. Black Raspberry Kush FEM genetics are easy to cultivate, good for beginners and experts alike.