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 Arcata Skunk Feminized 

(Only available at

Lineage: (Chem 91 Skunk VA clone only x Arcata TrainWreck clone only)

Seeds Per Pack : No less than 5

Sex: Female

Yield: Good to Large

Flower Time: 65 to 75 Days

Arcata Skunk Feminized

$100.00 Regular Price
$91.00Sale Price
  • Arcata Skunk Feminized seeds is a special new line released for our 10 Year Anniversary Drop. Guaranteed to be the loudest plants in your flower room. The elite clone only parents that make up Arcata Skunk FEM are two of my all time favorite clones. The famous and skunky Chem 91Skunk VA clone is the mother. The legendary, loud lime-y, Arcata TrainWreck clone only is the pollen donor, reversed using STS. Arcata Skunk Fem is potent, with test results ranging from 22% to 26%, while those are impressive results for any standards, I know those numbers can be beat. Arcata Skunk Fem flowers in 65-75 days. A prolific producer, with some plants capable of Monster yields, and somewhat surprisingly, easy to grow, no matter your cultivation experience. The Limey Skunk Funk is Real, and not only is it a punch to the nose , it also comes through on your palette when smoking. BHO / concentrates from Arcata Skunk Fem is super tasty.

     This is the type of gear thats easy to find legit, Lifetime Keepers in. Just be sure to take cuts of every single plant you have before you flip to 12/12. Or this will be one of those "lost" plants you regret for years, maybe decades..... That's something we've all experienced.


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