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Albert SuperTramp FEM

(2nd pic is a customers @ harvest: Look at the yield in small pot)

Lineage: (Albert Walker clone x Arcata TrainWreck clone)

Seeds Per Pack : No Less Than 5

Sex: Female

Yield : Big to Huge

Flowering Time : 60 to 70 Days



Albert SuperTramp FEM

$100.00 Regular Price
$85.00Sale Price
  • For the CannaVenture Seeds 10th Anniversary Drop, We want to show our appreciation for all of the support and love we’ve been shown through out the last decade by releasing an amazing line up with a more affordable price that differs from our normal retail prices. Albert SuperTramp FEM is already one of my favorite lines that we have ever released.  Albert SuperTramp FEM is the spawn of two heavy hitting, legendary clone onlies. The mother is The Albert Walker clone, and the pollen donor is a reversed Arcata TrainWreck clone. The results of those two parents are a sativa / indica dominate hybrid. Super easy to cultivate, produces huge yields of flowers in 60 to 70 days. The flowers contain the most unique terpene profiles than any other gear I’ve ever worked with. It’s a very Loud, obnoxious smell, that can only be described as a Citrus Lime Funk. No sweet flavors here. Its all Funk and it Reeks. Albert SuperTramp FEM flowers are so heavy and saturated in greasy trichomes that often cause branches to bend over in late flower, so staking is very beneficial, or you can use the “Low Stress Training” (LST) method during the veg growth stage. Odor control is advised.

    If someone said to me, “I can only afford 1 pack, which of the new lines would I recommend?” I would easily say, either Albert SuperTramp Fem or Arcata Ghost FEM, might even go as far to say that the Albert SuperTramp Fem line is ahead of the Arcata Ghost FEM line. Its truly That Great! I hope everyone gets a chance to run this gear. Its old school and funky. I guarantee its like nothing you have ever cultivated before.

    *Best terps Ever. Think of a realistic juicy orange with skunk undertones. Amazing!

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