Triple Nova Feminized (Thanks to Kiko G for the photo)

Lineage: (Triangle Kush clone x BlackBerry Kush clone )

Seeds per pack: No Less Than 5

Sex: Female

Yield: Good

Flowering Time: 60 - 68 Days

Triple Nova Feminized

  • Triple Nova FEM

    (Triangle Kush clone x BlackBerry Kush)


    Alot of work went into the making of the original Triple Nova Reg line that we released a few years ago. The original Triple Nova genetics had a few different phenos with one pheno that really stood out.

    So that brings us to the Triple Nova FEM line.

    Herby Grower (Foundation Holistic) a good friend of mine who has a large grow operation in Oregon helped me a lot with the new Triple Nova FEM line. He popped and ran a ton of Triple Nova Reg seeds in search of The best Pheno, and found it. I call that pheno, "Triple Nova - Herby Cut".

    So instead of keeping the genetics "open", the Fem line is worked toward the very best pheno. 80 percent of all plants will be exact copies of the amazing Herby cut.

    This pheno will exhibit lime green flowers / dark green glossy fans and pea sized calyxes, biggest I've ever seen. Quick to flower at 9 weeks and give it plenty of root space and its very easy to grow to its full potential.

    In short, the new Triple Nova FEM line is a Triangle Kush dom plant, with only a little BlackBerry Kush genes showing, mainly the flower structure and slight purple hues is BlackBerry Kush the rest is Triangle Kush...

    Super easy to find multiple keepers in every pack, in fact, you will have a hard time deciding which plants to throw out and which plant to keep.