Pure Animal FEM (NEW STOCK)

Lineage: (Tennessee Hogsbreath clone x Alien Kush)

Seeds Per Pack: Atleast 5

Sex: Female

Yield: Good solid yields

Flower Time: 9 - 10 weeks

Tennesse Kush #2 FEM

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  • Tennessee Kush #2 is a continuation of the original Tennessee Kush line. The limited Tennessee Kush was mostly a shorter indica style plants with sweet terps. This Tennessee Kush #2 FEM line is bred toward a specific pheno found in the original. It's the total opposite of sweet. TK#2 plants are loud and funky. The structure is also different, the plant structure is open with a healthy stretch, for optimum light penetration. The flower structure is a lot denser than the original genetics. Improved in both areas. The yields are just as good, and personally, I love TK#2 way more. In most cases, I prefer stinkier type terps over sweet and this line delivers just that.