Lucky Louis XIII FEM (NEW)

Lineage: (Louis 13th OG clone x LVTK OG CV Cut)

Seeds Per Pack: Atleast 5

Sex: Female

Yield: Good

Flower Time: 9 - 10 weeks

Lucky Louis XIII FEM

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  • This new Louis XIII OG hybrid would not have happened without my boy Skywalker303 gifting me this legendary clone. Ive always heard great things about this cut, but after running it and testing the new gear, it surpassed all expectations. It's rare that a clone turns out better than expectations. This absolutely did.
    We made the Lucky Louis XIII FEM line by hitting the Louis XIII OG clone only with our keeper cut of LVTK OG that was released last year. At first, I wasn't planning on releasing a Louis hybrid for this drop. I wanted to give Skywalker a chance to work and release his own Louis line first. So the initial batch of Lucky Louis XIII seeds were initially made for friends, family and personal use.
    That changed when Skywalker's project was put on hold and he gave me the green light.
    So here we are. Lucky Louis XIII FEM is an indica/sativa hybrid leaning more towards the indica side. Both parents we used to make this line, match up perfectly in terms of flower / plant structures, flowering times and most importantly, Quality.
    The Lucky Louis XIII FEM hybrid produces good to great yielding, dense, greasy flowers done in 9 or 10 weeks. Most plants have super loud terps, ranging from piney/ earthy to fuel / pinesol OG terps. This new line is probably the loudest gear from the entire drop. The LVTK OG genetics lower the overall stretch down to a very managabale height.
    We have not been able to get the flowers from our test run lab tested yet, but I can promise you, it's very strong and potent meds. Definitely not lacking in that area. Knowing how potent the LVTK OG genetics are and from what I've heard and seen from the Louis cut, I'd Guess the potency is around 21 to 25 plus percent THC.

    This new line is worthy of following in the path of high quality genetics that have been made from our original Las Vegas Triangle Kush FEM line. This is the 2nd hybrid released in this family. Buy and run these seeds with confidence. It's absolutely an Elite line with keepers in every pack. That's a given with this gear. I guarentee you will love what you find, and take cuts, because you are going to want to run this again.

    (Note: No matter what part of The World you are reading this from, the times are weird. Folks are stressed for a multitude of reasons, because of this, I'm releasing this line and a bunch of others at a discounted price. I Hope this helps.)