Electric Larry Land FEM (New - Limited Edition)

(Vegas Lemon Skunk clone x Lemon Larry OG clone)

(Limited Release for The 10 Year Anniversary Drop)

Seeds per pack:  No less than 5

Sex: Female

Yield: Great

Flower Time : 60 to 68 Days



Electric Larry Land Feminized

$100.00 Regular Price
$80.00Sale Price
  • For the CannaVenture Seeds 10th Anniversary Drop, We want to show our appreciation for all of the support and love we’ve been shown through out the last decade by releasing an amazing line up with a more affordable price that differs from our normal retail prices. Electric Larry Land will sound familiar to a lot of you, and has Always been a favorite CannaVenture Seed line to me and to the folks that have been supporting us from the beginning. We released this line in Regular seed form a long time ago, even before we released our Cookie Wreck REG line. The original ELL line was an amazing performer in terms of seed sales, and performance in grow rooms. Since ELL was so good and loved, we decided to bring back this line in FEM seed form, and what better time to bring it back than for The 10 Year Anniversary Drop. Its perfect. Big to huge yields of super loud, lemon pine sol, OG terpenes, with a unique “creamy lemon” type undertone. Those that are familiar with ELL know what I mean. ELL FEM has one of the best flower to leaf ratios, Ive eever seen. You can almost pluck the fans and be good to go. Flowering times are fast, and will finish between 60 to 68 days depending on personal preference with trichome maturity. Still, to this day, ELL is my All Time favorite genetics for daytime use. The sativa (75%)/ indica (25%) dominate hybrid produces nice clear headed effects. Also, Electric Larry Land FEM produces concentrates that are a beautiful clear amber to clear yellow color, and the tasty terps shine through in the final product. If you dig potent, easy to grow plants with big  yields of beautiful flowers, that finish in or around 65 days, then Electric Larry Land FEM is for you. Amazing breeding stock as well.