Half and Half FEM (THC/CBD)

Lineage : (Harlequin clone x Cookie Wreck CV Cut)

Indica Sativa Hybrid (Mostly Indica dom)

Flower Time : 8 – 9 weeks

Good yields

10 Fem seeds per pack


Half & Half Feminized

SKU: 0029HH
  • About 4 years ago my mother was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer. She was never a pot head but knowing my love for cannabis, she asked for my advice. She did not want to smoke, so I started making cannabis oil capsules with the Half and Half genetics. In my opinion, THC is just as useful as CBD's when battling cancer. I prefer a nice even mix of THC and CBD versus no THC and high CBD's. We pumped her full off this cannabis oil for a while then got her on a "preventive" dose, which she is still on today. A couple weeks ago, she received her latest scan that showed the cancer is gone, I think it takes 5 years of clear scans to be considered "cured", but so far, four years later, all is great.

    We know a lot of people rely on Cookie Wreck for their medicinal needs, and wanted to improve on that so, we achieved the perfect marriage of both parents by hitting The Harlequin clone with pollen from our proven Cookie Wreck CV Cut. Half in Half is 60 percent sativa and 40 percent indica and quick to flower at 8-9 weeks.

    This line is about CBD meds with mild THC percentages.  Most plants will exhibit a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. An extremely easy to grow hybrid, with good yields of beautiful CBD rich flowers and concentrates.

    Medecine should not be a money grab, like it is unfortunately. We believe medicine should be affordable for everyone, no matter their personal situation, so instead of the usual 5 FEM seeds per pack, ALL Half and Half FEM packs will contain 10 FEM seeds each, that way you are getting 2 packs for the price of one.

    I sincerely hope The Half and Half line provides relief for those that need it.