Bubble Yum Romulan FEM

Lineage: (Indiana Bubblegum clone x Romulan)

Seeds Per Pack: Atleast 5

Sex: Female

Yield: Good

Flower Time: 8  weeks

Bubble Yum Romulan FEM

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$90.00Sale Price
  • The Indiana Bubblegum clone only is probably my favorite clone only I have. If I could only keep one clone, it would be Indiana Bubblegum. Its a rare clone only and hard to find. Its one of the oldest clones I have in my collection.

    We've been working on breeding with Indiana Bubblegum for almost 3 years now. Its been the most challenging plant weve ever worked with. The clone only is old and somewhat slow to veg, and for some reason the old girl doesnt take pollen well. But we've finally figured it out and Bubble Yum Romulan FEM is ready for release. This seed line has improved vigor and flower density over the clone only by adding in some Romulan genetics, but the line is still Bubblegum dominant. Its the star of the show and we wanted to keep those traits in the forefront of this project.

    Most Bubble Yum Romulan plants will be a good copy of the clone only mom. But we found one pheno that is like nothing we've ever seen. The absolute most frostiest plant Ive seen in my life, in person or in pictures. The photos dont do it justice, it almost looks fake. Not only the frostiest plant but greasy and this pheno yields good too.

    Bubble Yum Romulan FEM is an easy to grow, quick flowering Indica dom line, done in 8 weeks. The stretch from veg to flower is minimal, at about 0.5 X. So a plant flowered at 10 inches would finish around 15 inches. A Commercial growers dream. Good yields of sticky, purple flowers with lime green accents. The terp profile is sweet and sour with a touch of fuel and some hints of a bubblegum flavor.

    This is another clone only most folks will never get the chance to run, but with Bubble Yum Romulan FEM, everyone gets an opportunity to run these mythical status genetics.  Every seed drop I let folks know which new line is my favorite of the bunch and by far, this is my fav from this drop. You will find specimens that are the frostiest plants you've ever grown, possibly ever seen.  Its truly an amazing line and you will love it. Im proud of this line and im looking forward to releasing this to the world. Im not sure I'll ever be able to top this line in terms of trichome production. The release of Bubble Yum Romulan is the pinnacle of CannaVenture Seeds.