(NEW) Aventus OG Feminized

(Photos of two different phenos)

Lineage: (Raspberry Kush clone x Blackberry Kush / Flaming Cookies)

Seeds Per Pack : No less than 5

Sex: Female

Yield: Average to Good

Flower Time: 60 to 70 Days

Aventus OG FEM

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  • (NEW) Aventus OG FEM
    (Raspberry Kush x BlackBerry Kush / Flaming Cookies)
    Like the name implies, Aventus OG FEM is a special line. It's as good or better than anything I've released in the last few years. In my opinion, this new hybrid is the darling of The 2019 Spring / Summer Drop.
    I made the BlackBerry Kush clone x Flaming Cookies (GSC x Fire OG BX) hybrid about 7 years ago for personal stock. After selecting our favorite pheno, which was a perfect blend of both parents. We were successful in reversing the keeper cut with STS, then pollinated the Raspberry Kush clone. As with all Raspberry Kush hybrids, Aventus OG FEM is quick to flower at 8 weeks on average and there is an even faster pheno that finishes in 7 weeks. Most plants will be average to good yields. The trich production is on an Elite level, a perfect 10/10, that even covers some of the fan leaves. The terpene profile varies with different phenos, from a lime / fuel pheno to fruitier Raspberry dominate phenos.

    Usually one true keeper per pack is ideal, but with Aventus OG FEM, there absolutely will be multiple keepers in every pack. So do not let a legit lifetime keeper cut slip away, Take cuts off Every plant. With out fail.

    I'm stoked to bring this new hybrid to the market and sincerely hope you get a chance to run it. If I could only buy one pack from The 2019 Spring / Summer Drop, it would be The Aventus OG FEM line. It's good!